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Specialist dentist Masamitsu Amemori Helsinki

ContentsSpecialist Dentist Masamitsu AmemoriWho?What?Why us?Qualification and Experience Specialist Dentist Masamitsu Amemori Interested about replacing missing teeth or cosmetic dental care? We offer premium dental care at the city centre of Helsinki, Finland. Who? Hi, this is Masamitsu Amemori. I’m half finnish half japanese dentist from Finland. I work as a prosthodontist at a Helsinki-based specialist

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Dental Veneers: Costs, Procedure and Pictures

Perfect white smile of red-haired girl, close-up. Widely smiling happy carroty woman portrait. Good dentist, teeth care, whitening concept

Worn, cracked or otherwise damaged teeth can be restored with either ceramic or composite bonded veneers. Bonded composite fillings are also used for closing diastema (gap between teeth) and reshaping teeth.


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